Source code for molecule

from pypka.concurrency import runInteractionCalcs
from pypka.constants import TERMINAL_OFFSET, TITRABLETAUTOMERS
from pypka.tautomer import Tautomer
from pypka.titsite import Titsite as Site
from pdbmender.formats import read_gro_line

[docs]class Molecule: """Molecule with more than one titrable sites""" def __init__(self, chain, sites): """ ### DEPRECATED 26/11/2019 ### #TODO: update docstring # DelPhi Parameters self.delphi_refparams (list): input DelPhi parameters # Sites self.sites (dict): key is residue number value is site object instance self.sites_order (list): values are site object instances order respects .sites # Atoms self.natoms (int): number of atoms in the molecule self.atoms (dict): key is atom id number value is atom name self.atoms_array_position (dict): key is atom number value is atom position in pqr Example: if the first atom in pqr is number 541 then self.atoms_array_position[541] = 1 # Offset of the first site This is only used because the membrane part is not finished and uses a pqr input of the first site self.InputPQRoffSet (list): x, y, z coordinates of the offset in the input pqr # Site Interactions self.site_interactions (list): contains tuples with pairs of site objects """ self.input_sites = sites self.chain = chain self.delphi_refparams = "" self.sites = {} self.sites_order = [] self.natoms = 0 self.atoms = {} self.atoms_array_position = {} self.atoms_tit_res = {} self.InputPQRoffSet = [] = [] self.dat_to_write = "" self.correct_names = {} self.correct_atoms = {} self.CYS_bridges = {} self.NTR = None self.CTR = None # Set Methods def addAtom(self, aname, anumb, position, titrable_res): self.atoms[anumb] = aname self.atoms_array_position[anumb] = position self.natoms += 1 self.atoms_tit_res[position] = titrable_res def loadParams(self, params): self.delphi_refparams = params def saveCYSBridges(self, CYS_bridges): self.CYS_bridges = CYS_bridges # Get Methods def __getitem__(self, numb): numb = self.correct_site_numb(numb) return self.sites[numb] def getSites(self): return self.sites def getSitesOrdered(self): return self.sites_order
[docs] def getArrayPosition(self, atom_id): """Returns the index of the atom in DelPhi position array Disclamer: used only in testing """ return self.atoms_array_position[atom_id]
[docs] def getAtomsList(self): """Returns a list of atoms details Atoms details = (id, instance, atom index in DelPhi data structures) sorted by atom id number """ atom_list = [] for atom in sorted(self.atoms.keys()): atom_list.append((self.atoms[atom], atom, self.atoms_array_position[atom])) return atom_list
[docs] def getTautomerInstance(self, tautname, site_resnum): """Return the tautomer instance named tautname Tautomer instance must exist in the site of the residue number site_resnum """ site = self.sites[site_resnum] if tautname in list(site.tautomers.keys()): return site.tautomers[tautname] elif tautname == return site.ref_tautomer raise Exception("Something is very wrong!!!")
[docs] def getNAtoms(self): """Return number of atoms of the Site.""" return self.natoms
[docs] def getTautNAtoms(self, taut_name): """Return number of atoms of the tautomer named taut_name Disclamer: it was used for testing """ for site in list(self.sites.values()): for tautomer in site.getTautomers(): if == taut_name: return tautomer.natoms
def getPQROffset(self): return self.InputPQRoffSet def getCYS_bridges(self): return self.CYS_bridges # Iter Methods
[docs] def iterAtoms(self): """Generator that iterates through all atoms details (name, id, position) in the Site.""" for atom in sorted(self.atoms.keys()): yield (self.atoms[atom], atom, self.atoms_array_position[atom])
[docs] def iterNonRefSitesTautomers(self): """Generator that iterates through all Tautomer instances except the reference ones.""" for site in self.sites_order: for tautomer in sorted(site.tautomers.values()): yield tautomer
def iterAllSites(self): for site in self.sites_order: yield site # Printing Methods
[docs] def printAllSites(self): """Prints all Site names.""" for site in self.sites_order: print((site.getName()))
[docs] def printAllTautomers(self): """Prints all Tautomer details""" for site in self.sites_order: print((site.getName())) for tautomer in site.iterTautomers(): print(tautomer) print((site.ref_tautomer))
def addSite(self, resnum): sID = Site(resnum, self) self.sites[resnum] = sID self.sites_order.append(sID) return sID @staticmethod def addTautomers(sID, ntautomers, resname, termini_resname=None): rootname = resname[0:2] sID.res_name = resname if termini_resname: sID.setTerminiResname(termini_resname) for itautomer in range(ntautomers): tautomer = rootname + str(itautomer) tID = Tautomer(tautomer, sID, sID.molecule) sID.tautomers[tautomer] = tID return sID.tautomers def reorder_sites(self): new_list = [] ctr = None nsites = len(self.sites_order) for i, site in enumerate(self.sites_order): if site.res_name == "CTR" and i != nsites - 1: ctr = site continue new_list.append(site) if ctr: new_list.append(ctr) self.sites_order = new_list def loadSites(self, sites): def siteHasNTautomers(resnum): if resnum in sites: resname = sites[resnum] if resname in TITRABLETAUTOMERS: ntauts = TITRABLETAUTOMERS[resname] return ntauts, resname else: for res in TITRABLETAUTOMERS: if res[:-1] == resname[:-1]: ntauts = TITRABLETAUTOMERS[res] return ntauts, res raise Exception("{0}_{1} is not a titrable residue".format(resname, resnum)) for site_number, site_name in sites.items(): if site_name == "NTR": resnum = int(site_number) self.NTR = resnum resnum += TERMINAL_OFFSET res_ntauts = 3 res_name = "NTR" elif site_name == "CTR": resnum = int(site_number) self.CTR = resnum resnum += TERMINAL_OFFSET res_ntauts = 4 res_name = "CTR" else: resnum = int(site_number) res_ntauts, res_name = siteHasNTautomers(resnum) sID = self.addSite(resnum) sID.setTautomers(res_ntauts, res_name) self.reorder_sites() self.addReferenceTautomers() self.addTautomersChargeSets() def addReferenceTautomers(self): for site in list(self.sites.values()): site.addReferenceTautomer() def addTautomersChargeSets(self): for site in list(self.sites.values()): # reads .st files site.addChargeSets() @staticmethod def readIndexFile(f_ndx): protein_trigger = False protein_atoms = [] with open(f_ndx) as f: for line in f: if "[ protein ]" in line.lower(): protein_trigger = True elif protein_trigger: for atom in line.split(): protein_atoms.append(int(atom)) return protein_atoms def deleteAllSites(self): for site in list(self.sites.values()): site.tautomers = {} site.ref_tautomer = "" self.sites = {} self.sites_order = [] def correct_site_numb(self, numb): if numb == "NTR": numb = self.NTR + TERMINAL_OFFSET elif numb == "CTR": numb = self.CTR + TERMINAL_OFFSET if isinstance(numb, str): try: numb = int(numb) except ValueError: raise Exception("Unknown site") return numb