There are three ways to install pypka:

  • with pip. Preferred for Linux & Windows (with WSL) users.

  • with Docker.

  • with no installation, by using the online server at Recommended when only a few calculations are going to be performed.

Via pip

To install the latest stable release with pip do:

pip3 install pypka

Required Software

Pypka depends on the following software:

  • python2.6>= & python3.5>=

  • libgfortran4

  • gawk

These can all be installed via apt in Debian based systems:

apt install gawk gcc gfortran libgfortran4 python2

Via Docker

Run the following command on a local directory which contains the cli parameters file (<PARAMETERS_FILE>) and input structure:

docker run -v ${PWD}:/home/ -w /home -t pedrishi/pypka:latest python3.9 -m pypka <PARAMETERS_FILE>